Aliens Fireteam Elite - Biomech Trimsheets

I was the architect for the biomech environment kit. I worked closely with a concept artist, level designer, and the art director to design the visuals, figure out how to make them work with our gameplay systems, and figure out how to build it in an efficient way that could be used to build large levels with a small team. The final result was a kit that was built with only a handful of trimsheets, used a face weighting workflow with extensive kitbashing, and used spline and mesh merging tools to quickly build out large levels that were within perf budgets.

Due to team resources being tied up elsewhere, I ended up building as many of the structural art assets as I could myself, then managing and art directing outsource to finish many of the hero assets and more time consuming models from my proxies while the rest of the team and I started building out the levels.